Capture vidéo-DJ Arafat

In memory of his son Dj Arafat, the Ivorian singer Debordo Leekunfa wants to offer a house to Tina Glamour.

On Sunday 20th october 2019, DJ Arafat’s mother, Tina Glamour, reprimanded Debordo Leekunfa after her release against China and Sidiki Diabaté. Indeed, Tina Glamour warned Debordo for insinuating that he had attracted the curse by sleeping with other people’s wives. When it was released, Debordo said that the Chinese were responsible for DJ Arafat’s death. “Last time you asked me for blessings so that Arafat would forgive you, you Overflow today you insult the Chinese? My son doesn’t need a gold disc, he himself is a gold mine. You’re the one running after a bone you’ll never get. With your sad little career, stop insulting the Chinese, your mouth seems…, I don’t like it,” Tina Glamour said in response to Debordo Leekunfa.

And then, on monday 21th october, Debordo decided to respond to DJ Arafat’s mother with diplomacy. While Tina Glamour ordered Debordo to stop attacking China and Sidiki Diabaté, Debordo instead promised to build a house for the king’s mother to cut off the offset. “In life, you must always seek blessing for the future of your children. So I can’t answer this lady (…) She’s a mother. What we can do to help him forget his son’s death, we will do it. If she wants, if she wants to take my name, but if I have money, I’ll give it to her. His son couldn’t give him a house. I will do everything to have the means to give her a home,” promised Debordo Leekunfa.

As a reminder, the famous Ivorian singer DJ Arafat died on 12th august 2019 in a serious motorcycle accident. As a prelude to his funeral, an artistic tribute was offered to him in Abidjan.


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