Congolese singer Fally Ipupa was the victim of a theft of money and valuable goods in Kisangani, Congolese police reported in a press release.

In the said statement, the Deputy Divisional Commissioner of PNC/Tshopo announced that Fally Ipupa had been robbed of a large amount of money and valuable property after his second concert at the Palm Beach Hotel in Kisangani, where he is also staying, since Saturday, October 5, 2019. “The concert at the Lumumba stadium went off without incident to everyone’s satisfaction. As for the production of the Palm beach Hotel and at the same time the artist’s accommodation, a theft of money and valuable goods without burglary was reported in the room of the artist musician Fally Ipupa around 2am,” the statement quoted by mediacongo states.

The same statement indicates that an investigation has been opened and the police are already on the right track: “The trail of an occupant of the neighbouring room to that of the artist and that of the hotelier are privileged by our police investigations conducted by the coordination of the judicial police and whose conclusions will be made available to the Attorney General at the Court of Appeal in Kisangani”.

According to Mbote, the thieves took away $14,000 and several valuable items, including luxurious watches and the artist’s jewellery. As recently as May 2019, still in the same city, Eve Bazaiba was the victim of a theft for USD 10,000.


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