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Samuel Eto’o’s son, Etienne Eto’o, failed the Cameroon U-17 team and reacted via his Instagram account. In a message full of wisdom Etienne Eto’o expressed his disappointment. 

They will not participate in the U17 World Cup in Brazil. For good reason, Etienne Eto’o and his 5 European teammates were not included on the list published by coach Thomas Libiih 21 days before the competition. The reason for this exclusion was a decree signed by Cameroonian President Paul Biya in September 2014, which stipulates that the country’s U-15 and U-17 teams must be reserved for players in national championships.

Very touched by his exclusion, the son of the legend Samuel Eto’o slipped his moments of regret to the Cameroonian people through his Instagram account. For the young prodigy, this is a great and unique opportunity to play in the U17 World Cup, which he has just missed: “Last month was supposed to be one of the best of my life thanks to the unique opportunity I was givento play in a World Cup. This dream, with which almost all children grow up, came earlier than expected. Many of you think coming here has been easy and they are wrong because it is complicated… “ , he wrote.

“I was convinced that this opportunity could prove very important in my life after 13 years of football. But what my 5 European teammates and I didn’t know was that because of a presidential decree (which I respect but I prefer not to comment on), we wouldn’t be competing in the World Cup. I will admit that it has been very hard, but thanks to the support we have given each other, we have managed to start moving on. “, adds Etienne Eto’o.

Finally, he thanked his family, who had been a great support to him, the federation and the staff, who had made a good impression on him: “It is an honour for me to have represented Cameroon throughout these two weeks. I would like to say a big thank you to the Federation for convening me and the technical staff,” he concluded.


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