Burkina Faso – crisis at the CDP: Blaise Compaoré reframes his “comrades”

In Burkina Faso, the Congress for Democracy and Progress (CDP) is plunged into a deep crisis as a result of sanctions imposed on some party officials. From his exile, Blaise Compaoré, founder and honorary president of the party, left his reserve.

Nothing is going well at the CDP anymore. The former presidential party is going through a dark period in its history with a deep internal division. And to stop the bleeding, the former president of Burkina Faso sent a letter to the party leadership from Abidjan, where he has been living since his fall. After meetings with delegations from his country, the former strongman of Kosyam Palace said he regretted that he had not been consulted on the nature and level of the sanctions imposed on a number of comrades under the conditions described. To this end, he invites the management chaired by Eddie Komboïgo to “take the necessary steps to revoke” the said sanctions.

Thomas Sankara’s former brother-in-arms did not fail to call for dialogue, the only possible way out of the crisis. “It is highly desirable that the current leadership of the (CDP) move towards dialogue, cohesion, unity and gathering as it has always been since its inception on 5 February 1996,” recommended Compaoré while calling on the rebels to join the ranks. “I invite all those sanctioned to be ready to join the ranks, to work in discipline, unity and cohesion for an ever stronger and more victorious CDP.

Any electoral ambitions?

Exiled in Ivory Coast since his fall from power in December 2014, Blaise Compaoré has never concealed his ambitions to return to the land of his ancestors. From his Abidjan residence, the former tenant of Kosyam Palace is following the political events in his country very closely. Although he did not mention his return to the stage, part of his correspondence is perplexing. By stating: “its measures (sanctions) could be highly damaging to the dynamics of the party’s action and its electoral ambition”, Compaoré sets the stage for a broad and diverse interpretation. May he remind you that in a letter addressed to President Rock M. Kaboré, he had offered his services to help the country escape from growing insecurity and recurrent terrorist attacks. But whatever his intentions, the Ivorian nationality he now holds could undermine his ambitions to return to the scene. However, given the party’s role on the Burkinabe political scene, the upcoming elections will be hotly debated. And a probable victory for his country could change the situation.

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