Beninese Alain Orounla and his peers are trying to build another image of Africa

African countries have decided to take their destiny into their own hands and work towards a positive image of the continent. On a visit to Benin, the Burkinabe communication minister Rémis Dandjinou, met his counterpart in the country to hand deliver an invitation to the African Communication Universities of Ouagadougou (ACUO).

The organization of the African Universities of Communication of Ouagadougou (ACUO) is provided by Burkina Faso. As a prelude to that event of major importance for the information and communication sector in Africa, Alain Orounla, Benin’s communication minister, received the invitation from Dandjinou. The ministers of the WAEMU countries member will work on an effective communication plan to enhance Africa’s image and contribute to the rehabilitation of the security situation on the continent.

Focusing on the theme “Communication and geopolitics: building another image of Africa”, the African Communication Universities of Ouagadougou will take place from 26 to 28 november 2019 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. An initiative that takes place in a context where security on the continent is seriously threatened by terrorism, armed groups, famine and epidemics. Also, the image of Africa is very poorly reported by the foreign media, which only speak of the continent to relay wars and diseases.

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