Patrice Talon and the Opposition

The Head of State, in his desire to appease the hearts wounded during the electoral process that led to the controversial election of the deputies of the eighth legislature, has initiated a political dialogue. The radical opposition sees this as a trap.

The meeting of the Head of State with the Conference of Presidents of the National Assembly this Thursday morning is proof that Patrice Talon does not want to try to implement the recommendations of the political dialogue on his own. Nor does the President of the Republic want to rely on his constitutional prerogatives to take decisions that could be a dangerous doorway to Beninese democracy. He seems to be strictly committed to the observance of the relevant procedures. But the information that comes out of this meeting between the two institutions seems to be providing the impetus for the radical opposition.

Indeed, there are speculations that the Members present at this Thursday’s meeting have laid down essential conditions for the implementation of certain recommendations. For these deputies, this necessarily means revising the constitution. In which case, they cannot introduce the proposals of dialogue into the laws of the Republic. This thesis having already received an unfavourable response twice in three years, nothing reassures us that, despite the monolithism of parliament, the review of the Basic Law can be carried out without pockets of resistance.

All the hostile opposition to this reform

Even though some of the movement’s caciques, eternal regimists, argue that the revision of the constitution underpins the country’s development reforms, it is not to be overlooked the fears of some of the forced supporters of the rupture regime . Unless a vote is taken by a show of hands, some elected officials may not support this reform. This will reinforce the opposition, which has been beating a terrible campaign against the revision of the constitution for ages. During the political dialogue, some parties, such as the Forces caurisfor an emmerging Benin, made clear their opposition to any constitutional reform. This will mean that even those described as “moderate opposition” are not in favour of it.

Patrice Talon on the way to prove the opposition right

In reality, the radical opposition does not expect anything drinking from the government. During their various meetings and statements, they always hammered him loud and clear. This is why it encouraged Boni Yayi’s party not to participate in the dialogue at the risk of naively endorsing the revision of the Basic Law. When the Head of State, who is also the godfather of the two political parties represented in parliament, fails to dissuade his loyal supporters of the idea of revising the Constitution, he will implicitly prove the opposition right, since it imagined bad faith behind the dialogue held from 10 to 12 October 2019. Patrice Talon is smart and will be able to deny the predictions as usual.


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