sebastien-ajavon, honorary president of the Slu

The Beninese parliament will soon adopt an amnesty law to end the prosecution of prosecuted citizens or to be prosecuted in the last legislative elections. Sébastien Ajavon’s Social Liberal Union appreciates this initiative.

The Liberal Social Union (Slu) of the businessman in exile for more than a year is not in the logic of an exclusive amnesty law. This is what should be remembered from an interview with the person in charge of communication of the party granted to Banouto. Bonklam Abalo believes that the crisis is not being averted if we stick to the format of the amnesty law announced by the government. He argues that in order to put an end to the crisis, one of the requirements remains to stop the prosecution of all prisoners but also of exiles. Contrary to all expectations, he noted, the proposed law only takes into account persons prosecuted or to be prosecuted in the last legislative elections.

This will mean that political exiles who are not in political exile in the context of the parliamentary elections will not be taken into account. Therefore, the communication manager maintains that the crisis is very far from being resolved. For those who pretend to know that there are political exiles, Donklam Abalo reminds us that there are not only political exiles but also refugees known to all. For him, the ongoing proceedings against all those outside the national territory must be dropped. This would contribute to the thawing of the crisis, to some extent, he understands.


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