Robert Tolégbon, maire de Tori-Bossito Photo : the leadersinfo

The mayor of Tori-Bossito, Robert Vitonou Tolègbon, has reinstated the borough chiefs suspended on August 14 in their position. It was thanks to an order dated 15 October that the rehabilitation was carried out.

They are back at their post two months after their suspension for gross negligence. Indeed, on August 14, the mayor of Tori-Bossito, after a report from the municipality’s receiver-perceiver, suspended all the district chiefs for non-payment of marriage fees. The Economic and Financial Brigade took up the matter to clarify the case. The legal battle then began. Surely the facts against them are not constituted.

Otherwise, on 15 October, the mayor ordered their rehabilitation without undue delay. The next day, 16 October, by memorandum, he ordered the temporary workers to work on Thursday 17 October at 3 p.m. at the latest. This suggests that the case has evolved and that the defendants have been able to clear their honour.


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