Sébastien Ajavon, président d'honneur de l'USL lors du congrès constitutif du parti ph: Bénin Web Tv

Absent from the political dialogue convened by President Patrice Talon, the leaders of the Liberal Social Union Party (LSU) expressed both things through a press conference, the things they remember from this meeting which looks like a mountain that gave birth to a mouse.

The Liberal Social Union Party held a press conference on Monday 15th october, during which it read the latest policy called by the head of state, President Patrice Talon. For those in charge of this political group, this political dialogue allowed the regime to make a confession. For those in charge of this political group, there are only two things to remember from this foundation.

The first thing, according to them, is that this dialogue has allowed the government to admit that it has failed to reform the partisan system since its main purpose is to clean up the two bad laws that are the basis of this reform. The second thing that these officials remember is that the monologue is also an admission of illegality and illegitimacy of the 8th legislature, which according to the organizers cannot spontaneously exercise its constitutional right to correct these two laws, which are the basis of a poorly thought-out and poorly managed reform.

It should be recalled that the political party of the businessman Sébastien Ajavon has so far been unable to obtain his provisional or final receipt to prove his legal existence. It is for this reason that he was not invited to the dialogue convened by the Head of State to resolve the political crisis that is dividing the country.


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