Installation of delegates for the closing ceremony of the political dialogue photo: Presidency of the Republic of Benin

On the evening of Saturday, 12 October 2019, the delegates to the political dialogue submitted the report of their work to the Head of State. The government will have to study it to determine how to proceed responsibly. The revision of the constitution, even if it does not appear clearly in the proposals, remains, according to some sources, the only gateway to the correction of electoral laws.

The charter of political parties and the electoral code will have to be reviewed by parliament. This, taking into account the deep aspirations of party delegates to the political dialogue that took place from 10 to 12 October at the des Congress Palace . Some political parties, during the debates, even considered revising the constitution in order to have certain guarantees. This is the case of Mece-Benin, which, in its memorandum, point B-8, clearly stated that “all the necessary legal elements should be included in the preamble of the constitution so as not to go to a new republic or more so as to allow the current Head of State to go beyond two five-year terms”.

This track, according to some observers of Benin’s political life, to be the most appropriate for the Head of State to concede the recommendations of the participation in the dialogue. And for good reason, on the eve of the parliamentary elections of 28 April 2019, the deputies of the seventh legislature, the opponents in this case, had not given in to this requirement relating to the revision of the Basic Law. This had prevented the Head of State from opening the way for constitutional chaos by issuing an ordinance. If yesterday, Patrice Talon wants to be legalistic and respectful of the Constitution, it is not a few months later that he will change his mind to grant so easily everything that the political forces are asking for without satisfying his thirst to touch the fundamental law.

Representativeness of women in elected bodies

This was one of the key reforms of the draft constitution revision rejected by a mechanical minority in parliament on 4 April 2017. If the delegates to the political dialogue are all of the opinion that he now gives an important place (at least 30%) to women in elective bodies, particularly local, communal and legislative elections, it is to acknowledge the Head of State in order to pass his project to revise the constitution as soon as possible. Political parties certainly know this and should no longer be able to resist the implementation of the resolutions adopted during the three days. Not knowing would be suicidal for those who do not know how to anticipate in politics.


  1. Comment: Bonjour . My names are adjafon paul from the Zou department and precidely in the cove commune. I am happy i belong to people who have government and are governed by their governacy. I would like to thank the authorities involved, for their peace and fair dialogue over the revision of our nations political consitution. Thank you very much.


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