Benin - Amnesty law: It must have more than 63 prisoners to release, according to Paul Hounkpè

Present against all odds at the political dialogue organised from 10 to 12 October 2019 by the President of the Republic, the National Executive Secretary (recognised by the Ministry of the Interior) of the force cauris party for an emerging Benin (fceb) considers that the basis of the parallel resistance organised by his political comrades in the opposition to the political dialogue does not enjoy the support of the Beninese people.

Interviewed on the fringes of the political dialogue in which he actively participated, former Minister Paul Hounkpè, answering a question on his participation and what he thinks of the basis of the resistance also organised from 10 to 12 October 2019, expressed his disapproval of this political activity led by his opposition comrades. According to him, the Beninese people no longer adhere to this way of making politics. On the question of whether the branch of the fceb party over which he presides is represented at this meeting, Paul Hounkpè says: “No, we will not be there because the policy that is being pursued until now does not seem to bring the results that the activists expect”.

According to Boni Yayi’s former minister, who in passing threw a spade at some opposition leaders, the difficulties of the moment will not be answered in philosophical speeches without any impact on the status quo. “The rhetoric punctuated by past philosophy has shown its limits and we believe that we must move forward. We must go into the concrete,” he hammered, according to statements collected by Fraternité.


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