Guillaume Attigbé, Ncsd president Photo:

The National Council for Social Dialogue (Ncsd) has been in ordinary session since the morning of Tuesday 22 October 2019 in Cotonou. Participants will review the actions undertaken and make projections.

The members of the National Council of Social Dialogue are holding their second ordinary session this Tuesday in a hotel in Cotonou. Guillaume Attigbé and his peers will be asked to examine the important issues related to the life of the Ncsd. For three days, they will have to study and adopt the draft budget for the 2020 financial year, the terms of reference of the Board’s administrative, financial and accounting procedures document.

At the opening of the meeting, President Guillaume Attigbé announced that they would also have to learn “about development taxation in Benin“. For them, it will be a question of “communicating and exchanging on how to optimize the contribution of the traditional informal sector, in order to gradually make it modern in conjunction with the formal sector and make it efficient”, he will say. But above all, the participants will revisit the actions carried out in order to better undertake the future.


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