Benin – The foundations of resistance: Soglo and the opposition speak out tomorrow at chants d’Oiseaux

The opposition forces of President Patrice Talon’s ruling opposition will hold tomorrow, Thursday 10 October 2019 at the bird songs of Cotonou their foundation of resistance which will be sanctioned by a statement read by former President Nicéphore Soglo.

In parallel with the political dialogue convened by the Head of State, President Patrice Talon, which will take place at the Congress Palace on Thursday 10th October 2019, opposition forces are also launching a resistance base tomorrow at the chants d’Oiseaux of Cotonou.

This meeting, which brings together the leaders of the various political parties of President Patrice Talon’s radical opposition to power, will meet at 10 a.m. to reflect on the political situation in the country and the new forms of resistance to be implemented to restore democracy, which they believe is in difficulty. This consultation session will be sanctioned by a joint declaration to be read by the first president of the era of democratic renewal. Around their meetings, they will undoubtedly give their opinion on the ongoing dialogue at the Congress Palace.

According to information close to the committee organizing the resistance meetings, opposition forces will hold their resistance meetings during the three days of the political dialogue convened by President Patrice Talon. It should be recalled that, apart from the party of the Cauri forces for an emerging Benin that was convened to participate in the political dialogue and that set conditions for its participation, the other opposition political parties were not invited to this dialogue. Their seats therefore sound like a protest against what is happening at the Congress Palace.

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