La délégation du parti Fcbe conduite par Paul Hounkpè à l’ouverture du dialogue politique. Photo: Frissons Radio

Boni Yayi’s party, Forces cauris for an Emerging Benin (Fceb) during the political dialogue held at the Palais des congrès from 10th to 12th october, made many proposals to overcome the post-electoral crisis. But it is important to respect a prerequisite.

Important changes are being made to electoral laws such as the electoral code and the charter of political parties by this political party. For Paul Hounkpè and company, it is necessary to make the laws applicable to allow all parties to take part in electoral consultations. Better still, they demand the resumption of legislative elections in 2020 on the occasion of municipal elections. These proposals may lead to the revision of the Constitution of 11th december 1990.

It is certainly fearful of this aspect that the party that led the country for ten years insisted on not revising the constitution in its memorandum. The party “supports all the consensual amendments likely to make the application of the texts more operational except those that could lead to a constitutional revision”, it was stated in the first lines of their document sent to the Presidium of Political Dialogue. While this was the point that divided the opposition and the movement when it came to reviewing the laws to ensure that all political parties participated in the april 2019 parliamentary elections, it is curious to believe that the Head of State could agree to this recommendation.


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