Vincent Acakpo, mayor of Dogbo municipality Photo: Youtube

The district of Dévé in the commune of Dogbo has been underwater for a few days. The Mono River coming out of its nest killed several people. Informed, the government reacted promptly.

The government has gone to the rescue of the people of Dévé whose cultures and houses have been under water for a few days. Several hectares of rice, cotton, maize and even agricultural inputs were washed away by the floods of the Mono River as it passed. The populations, who were very affected by the flood, called for help. Thus, Patrice Talon’s government, through the National Civil Protection Agency (NCPA), sent a team to provide support to the victims. Several bags of rice, mats, soap and other necessary items were transported to its populations.

Surprised by the gesture, the municipal council, headed by Mayor Vincent Codjo Acakpo, expressed its gratitude to the government for its prompt reaction. However, it is launching an SOS to all volunteers who can complement the government’s commendable effort to help people out of precariousness after this tragedy, the consequences of which have so far been unquantifiable. It is precisely because the mayor is aware of this that after the flood, reflections will be carried out to provide adequate aid to the concerned populations .

Publiée par Enagnon Brice Sohou sur Lundi 21 octobre 2019


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