Benin: Sobémap element dies in Cotonou port

Access to the Banikanni General School is no longer easy for students since the collapse of the Damabou Bridge. Going to class has become a Chinese puzzle for learners and a great apprehension for their parents.

The crossing of the Dabamou bridge has become a dangerous test for several students of the banikanni general secondary school and for the entire population crossing this bridge, which has already collapsed several days ago.  The frequency of rain in the locality does not help either for these learners because the track is quite slippery.

To ensure the safety of their children and prevent drowning, some parents are forced to abandon their activities to accompany their children or to bring them home from school. But the cry of distress towards local authorities does not come only from the students. Damabou populations also issue distress alerts because the water has washed away all their effects. It therefore urges the authorities to take urgent measures to prevent possible cases of drowning.


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