Benin: full decision in Sébastien Ajavon case

In its statement on the political dialogue held at the congress palace from 10 to 12 October, the Social Liberal Union expressed its views on the alleged division within the opposition. It brought her side of the story.

The Beninese opposition remains united even though each political party organizes itself within it in order not to deliver its strategies to the mass. Donklam Aballo, in his statement on Monday, 14 October, insisted on the membership of the political group for which he is responsible for communication to the plural opposition. The opposition is one but has a diversity of action. For the Usl, “this diversity of methods and even of actions is the guarantee of a better efficiency. The current context is characterized by a totally infiltrated opposition…“.As a result, “great caution and an appropriate method are required”. 

In the same vein, the party points out that “in this context and in the frameworks of consultations that are often proposed to us, discussing important subjects is sometimes very unwise”. However, he reassures us that the Slu “is a large political party that does not need to phagocyte others to exist; it must protect its leaders and activists against fooling deals made on its back by certain personalities in search of low material self-interest”. The party therefore invites people to remain watchful to know who is defending it and who is not. This means that within the opposition, trust is not totally appropriate.


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