Benin: Saturnin Allagbé’s donations to the Tanékas centre

Saturnin Allagbé, national team goalkeeper, was at the Tanékas training centre in Fiji on tuesday 8 october. With his arms full, he went to support the residents of the centre that trained him.

Former resident of the Tanékas centre, Saturnin Allagbé, in the country as part of the friendly match between Benin and Zambia, boosted the morale of his brothers in formation at the centre in Fidjrossè. From his experiences, he has provided wise advice to the youngest, who are also the incubator for a new generation. “To reach the top level you have to work hard. I have taken this way and you must know that only discipline pays,” he told his younger brothers.

In a drive to turn the tide, the goalkeeper who amazed more than one at the last African Cup of Nations offered about thirty balls, 6 pairs of gangs and 3 pairs of shin guards to the training centre. Very surprised by the gesture, the president of the centre, Adrien Ahouandjinou, expressed his gratitude to the Beninese international.

Created on 10 october 1998 in Natitingou, the Tanékas centre now has an annex in Cotonou to support young people who want to pursue a career in football.

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