Benin – Political dialogue: without the prerequisites, FCEB and UDD present anyway

The political dialogue for the review of the electoral texts began on Thursday 10 October 2019 at the Congress Palace in Cotonou. Just at the last minute, the fceb and dud of the Honourable Valentin Houdé kept the suspense on their participation before making an appearance.

Will they participate in the political dialogue that starts this Thursday, 10 October at the Congress Palace in Cotonou? This question is now resolved. Paul Hounkpè’s party of Cauris forces for an emerging Benin and the unitary dynamic for the development of the Honourable Valentin Aditi Houdé are indeed present at the political dialogue. A few days before the fateful date, the assumptions about their participation were still raging among national opinion. Even the exit of the Minister, the government’s spokesman, Alain Orounla, to situate them all, did not convince even less the last communiqué to confirm the participation of this political party.

But contrary to everyone’s expectations, following the communiqué signed by Paul Hounkpè and setting out the conditions for the participation of the forces Cauri for an emerging Benin in the dialogue, this political organization responded to the call of the Head of State. In the delegation, several personalities including the current Executive Secretary, Paul Hounkpè, Théophile Yarou, Soumanou Djimba, and El Farouk Soumanou.

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