Benin – Political dialogue: what constitutes the prerequisites, according to Nicephore Soglo

In parallel with the political dialogue taking place at the congress centre, the resistance forces have found themselves at the bird songs where they reflect on the situation in the country. This is an opportunity for President Nicephore Soglo to recall the prerequisites for any political dialogue after the bloody events of april and may 2019. 

Since this morning opposition to President Patrice Talon’s regime has been based on the Cotonou Bird Songs, “the foundation of the resistance”. In the speech delivered by the leader of the Resistance, former President and Mayor Nicéphore Soglo, the latter asked himself a series of questions about what is currently happening at the Cotonou congress palace. “What political dialogue can be organised when our compatriots are forced into exile, what political dialogue can be organised when compatriots languish in prison for denial of opinion, what national dialogue can be organised when our national assembly has become a place soiled with the blood of our compatriots?” he asked himself.

Reviewing the precarious social situation of beninese people with his share of unjustified dismissals, President Nicephore Soglo, on behalf of all the political forces, hammered that the resistance forces could not “endorse this scenario (by talking about the political dialogue – editor’s note) imagined by Patrice Talon to give himself a breath and rebound in his murderous policy”.

Finally, he reminded the government and its leader of the prerequisites for any political dialogue:

  • no political dialogue without the resumption of parliamentary elections,
  • the general amnesty of all exiles and political detainees,
  • the return of the remains of the murdered compatriots to their respective families,
  • the immediate reintegration of teachers who have been improperly suspended.

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