Benin – Political dialogue: update on the work in progress

As announced by the local press, the political dialogue effectively started on thursday 10th october  2019. After the opening speech by the Head of State, the installation of the Presidium of the Assizes and the adoption of the agenda, they are continued until a break at 13:30 minutes. 

The post-electoral political dialogue began this thursday 10th october  at the palis of the Cotonou congresses with the speech of the Head of State. Here are some key points that marked the mid-day work. Of the 9 political parties called, namely: the party of the Cauri forces for an emerging Benin, the republican bloc, the party of the Cauri force for the development of Benin, the republican bloc, the party of the Democratic Renewal, the Moelle-Bénin party, the union for the development of the new Benin, and the progressive union. Only the unitary dynamics for the development of the Honourable Valentin Houdé did not answer the call for not having had any follow-up to its prerequisites.

What about the foundations of the presidium: 

As announced by the local press a few days ago, this political dialogue will be held in the absence of the Head of State who came to open the meeting before withdrawing. The debates will be chaired by a Presidium composed as follows:

Facilitator appointed by President Talon: Professor Dorothée Sossa,

Rapporteur appointed by the Head of State: Professor Victor Topanou,

Rapporteur (member of the movement): Orden Alladatin,
Rapporteur (member of the opposition): Luc Sinzogan

Unanimity around the agenda: 

Contrary to the idea put forward in recent days, political dialogue will not be confined to the debate on electoral texts. Delegates were able to broaden the scope of topics to be discussed on the basis of concerns and amendments. Thus, unanimously by acclamation, a 5-point agenda was adopted:

1- Grooming of election-related laws;

2- Strengthening the partisan system;

3- Search for equity in representation in the National Assembly (territorial representation, representation of women…);

4-Statute of the opposition;

5- Measures to calm the political situation

The last item on the agenda is part of the concerns expressed by delegates from the opposition parties. These concerns can be summarized as follows:

– Release of prisoners whose crimes are linked to the post-electoral crisis;

– Resolving cases of voluntary or forced exile;

– Stop ongoing prosecutions and arrests;

– Describe the political atmosphere;

– Groom the laws and decisions related to the CRIET, the Right to Strike, the Digital Code, the decree prohibiting the issuance of administrative acts to certain citizens;

– Financing of opposition parties;

The various political parties represented are invited to make proposals in relation to the items on the agenda. The work of the mid-day was suspended a little before 1:30 p.m. and resumed at 2:30 p.m.

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