Benin – political dialogue: the yes but of Soumanou Toleba’s Fcbd party

The Force Cauri Party for Benin Development (Fcbd) has given its agreement to participate to the political dialogue that opens on thursday 10 october  at theCongress Palace in Cotonou. But, it sets a condition to remain there until the end of the work.

Professor Soumanou Toleba’s party very favourably welcomed the invitation extended to him by the Head of State to participate in a political dialogue to be held from 10 to 12 october. He reassures us of his participation in this conclave in the name of the popular adage “one does not refuse an invitation, but perhaps what comes next”. But there is no assurance that this party, which claims to be a constructive opposition, will remain until the end of the discussions.

“Nevertheless, it specifies that the introductory statements at the opening of the proceedings, the agenda and above all the methodology on the basis of which the said proceedings will be carried out may decide its representatives as to their effective participation or their withdrawal”, informs the party’s communiqué. This will mean that Fcdb party activists can withdraw from the room dedicated to this dialogue at any time. It invites the Head of State to exert all his influence to ensure that political reforms, although essential, are carried out, as far as possible, in a concerted and consensual manner.

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