Benin – Political dialogue: the reasons given by Paul Hounkpè and others to justify their presence 

To silence speculation about their participation in the political dialogue convened by the President of the Republic, the leaders of the party of the forces Cauri for an emerging Benin (fceb) announced on Wednesday, 9 October not only their participation but also the reasons for this choice.

The party of forces Cauri for a divided emerging Benin (fceb) is taking part in the political dialogue that starts today, Thursday, 10 October 2019 at the congress palace in Cotonou. The controversy over whether or not they should participate in this political dialogue made the social networks nervous before the doubt was dispelled by a source close to the party on Wednesday, 9 October. For those responsible for the fceb who had required prerequisites for their participation, what justifies this change of position is the willingness of those responsible to take their requirements to the Congress Palace.

Indeed, according to information from sources close to the Executive Secretary, Paul Hounkpè, the party must participate in the debates in order to raise the real problems of the people, and demand that the government release political prisoners, return exiles, drop the charges against Boni Yayi, and groom the controversial and crisogenic laws. Thus, what fundamentally justifies the presence of Paul Hounkpè and al at the congress Palace is to succeed in freeing their charismatic leader from any legal proceedings and obtaining the return of the exiles and the release of the political prisoners. Will they be successful? The end of the dialogue will edify both of us.

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