Benin – Political dialogue: the contribution of the radical opposition to the debates

On Thursday, 10 October 2019, the forces of resistance organised a conclave called “the foundations of resistance”, in parallel with the political dialogue convened by President Patrice Talon. During the leader’s speech on this resistance, delegates to the national dialogue can draw elements that they can take into account for the national dialogue.

During the first day of the Resistance Forum, held today in parallel with the national dialogue, the resistance forces, while dissociating themselves from what is being done at the congress Palace, vehemently reminded us of the prerequisites for holding a national dialogue. Far from preaching in the desert, the reminder of these prerequisites can serve as elements for the conclusion of the dialogue that began this morning at the Palais des congrès.

Indeed, by taking into account items 3 and 5 of the agenda of the ongoing national dialogue at the congress palace in Cotonou, delegates to this dialogue can echo the demands of the radical opposition. Thus, what constitutes a prerequisite for any dialogue at the level of this opposition, such as the return of all political exiles, may be one of the points of conclusion of the delegates to the political dialogue. It goes to say, therefore, that by hammering this morning in speech the demands for the return of peace, President Nicephore Soglo, leader of the resistance, indirectly addressed those who are invited to the political dialogue by the Head of State. This is the reason for this meeting of the fcbe fragment that responded to the call of President Patrice Talon.

In short, the delegates to the political dialogue will do their part to restore peace and national cohesion by listening to the opposition’s appeal. Taking their request into account in the conclusions of the national dialogue will only be a step forward that will open the door to true peace.

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