Sylvain Akindès, ancien ministre Photo: Bénin web tv

From 10th to 12th october 2019, eight political parties participated in the political dialogue held at the Cotonou Congress palace. Several points were discussed during this meeting. But for former Minister Sylvain Akindes, there is an essential point that has not been addressed.

The political dialogue held on 10th, 11th and 12th october 2019 in Cotonou on the President Patrice Talon initiative  and the basis of the resistance held during the same period by the opposition have a taste of unfinished business, according to former Minister Sylvain Akindes. According to him, there is an essential point that was not addressed either by the eight political parties invited to the dialogue or by the opposition during its resistance session.

Indeed, according to Sylvain Akindes, of the many points discussed, one has been ignored. This point to believe it relates to the participation rate at which an elected official can represent the populations. “Wasn’t there a main problem that was ruled out by all these consultations over the weekend? It seems to us that “yes”. The one to define a minimum rate of participation in an election so that the “elected official” is considered as a representative of the population” he said. For him, this is the main lesson of the last legislative elections.


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