Benin – Political dialogue: Soglo deplores the fate of the Catholic clergy

 It has now been decided, the Catholic Church will not lead the discussions for a way out of the crisis. This is what the government of President Patrice Talon has decided. By convincing the national dialogue for today with facilitators in the ranks of legal professionals, President Patrice Talon has just put an end to the initiative taken by the Catholic clergy to get the belligerent parties to smoke the peace pipe.

This circumvention of the Bishops’ Conference initiative is poorly perceived by the resistance forces. Indeed, during the opening speech of the foundation of the resistance which took place today at the bird song of Cotonou, former President Nicéphore Soglo deplored the fate that is being done to clergy. “Everyone is aware of the eminently positive role played by the Clergy in setting the democratic process in our country in motion, and all the efforts it has made since the legacy of the National Conference was put to rest. As if his approach was disturbing, we made the option of ignoring it,” Nicéphore Soglo deplored in his speech. According to the resistance leader, the little credit given to the Catholic clergy by the current leaders is an infantilisation of this moral institution. “We made the option of ignoring it, of infantilizing it to use dubious characters of public notoriety to conduct the pseudo dialogue, aggravating the crisis of trust,” he said.

It is important to recall that during his last press briefing, the government spokesman, Minister Alain Orounla largely justified the reasons that led to the abandonment of the Church and civil society for the dialogue convened by the Head of State. These reasons can be summarised as the fact that this is an eminently political debate that does not require the involvement of civil society actors.

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