Benin-Political dialogue: Paul Hounkpè and Allassane S. Djemba defend themselves

This thursday 10th october, the political dialogue announced by the Head of State, Patrice Talon, a few months ago, opened at the Cotonou congress palace. At this appointement the political parties that were up to date with the new charter of political parties and had received the certificate of conformity were present, such as the  Cauris forces for an Emerging Benin, whose delegates made statements to justify their presence.

Like the presidential parties present, the opposition was also represented by the party of the former President of the Republic, Dr Thomas Boni YAYI, the Cauris forces for an Emerging Benin (FCEB). This political group has responded to the invitation of the beninese Head of State for the political dialogue that will take place from 10 to 12th october 2019 with a strong delegation composed of ministers: Paul HOUNKPE, Théophile YAROU, Allassane Soumanou DJEMBA etc…

Minister Allassane Soumanou Djemba, at the microphone of our colleagues, made it clear that they did not come to the dialogue to sell the doughnuts but so that the prerequisites they had required could have a framework for its completion. According to the comments quoted by the Banouto website, he said: “It is true, we required prerequisites before we could arrive. But the prerequisites are, if you want, the beginning of the process. So, there was the other way around. Instead of having preconditions before we arrive, the preconditions now come to a conclusion” to finish he added: “We don’t come here to walk around”.

Allassane Soumanou Djemba répondant aux questions de la presse-dialogue du 10 au 12 Octobre 2019

For his part, well before the start of the work, the current head of the FCBE gave an interview to the media men present to justify their presence: “We consider that we are all Beninese. Those in power who are in power and who act and have created the problems of the crisis we are facing today are Beninese. And I believe that all wars end up around a negotiating table… We believe that the empty chair policy will not allow us to get out of our situation.

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