Guy Mitokpè, former MP ©Presidency of Republic

Nothing new came out of the political dialogue held from 10th to 12th october 2019 at the Congress palace of Cotonou. This is the feeling felt by the Restoring Hope Party General Secretary,  Honourable Guy Mitokpè, when he read the content of the conclusions resulting from this meeting.

Received on Radio Gerdess Africa on sunday 13th october 2019, the General Secretary of the Restoring Hope Party, the Honourable Dossou Guy Mitokpè, commented on the conclusions resulting from the political dialogue from october 10th to 12th 2019. It is believed that no progress has been made following the exchanges held at the Cotonou Congress palace.

For him, what came out of this political dialogue as conclusions is nothing new, it is something that everyone already knows,” he says. Better for the former member of the Union Made Nation list, the points resulting from this foundation are points that can be materialized in “a committee of laws of a credible parliament,” he says. According to him, it is necessary to go beyond what is being done to convene a national meeting because he believes that “these three days of dialogue have not brought anything to the beninese people”.


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