Sébastien Ajavon, président d'honneur de l'USL lors du congrès constitutif du parti ph: Bénin Web Tv

The Liberal Social Union Party (LSU) gave its opinion on the political dialogue held at the Palais des Congrès from Thursday 10TH to saturday 12th october 2019. In a press statement, Sébastien Ajavon’s party gave its opinion on this dialogue, which it describes as a monologue.

Due to the lack of legal status, the LSU is one of the political parties that has not been invited to the political dialogue. This absence from the proceedings did not prevent the party from expressing its opinion on the dialogue. For the LSU, it is simply a monologue between supporters of the presidential movement.

The party notes that the dialogue did not meet expectations, because in essence it would bring nothing new to the resolution of the crisis. “As a result, we can see that there was all this noise to  only give birth to the wind,” reads the press statement.


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