Abdoulaye BIO Tchané ©Google

The political dialogue initiated by President Patrice Talon ended on Saturday, October 12. The Republican Bloc (RB) led by Minister Abdoulaye Bio Tchané actively participated in the work through its twelve delegates. The National Secretary General of the party congratulates the delegates for their brilliant participation.

The Republican Bloc (RB) is one of the eight (08) political parties that have actively participated in the political dialogue work. According to Abdoulaye Bio Tchané, RB’s participation in the work was remarkable.

“Our party’s participation in the political dialogue has been remarkable. Our delegates were dedicated, constructive and available during the three days of discussion. They have been able to give us a valid voice and defend our interests, which in this case are general interests.

Visibly satisfied with the participation of the BR delegates, Abdoulaye Bio Tchané addressed his words of congratulations and thanks to them. “In view of the success of this dialogue, I would like to extend my warm congratulations to our delegates…”, he wrote.


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