Benin – Political Dialogue: Akindès talks about a “humiliation” of deputies

Former Minister Sylvain Akindès also gave his views on the political dialogue announced for tomorrow thursday 10 october 2019. He asked himself five (05) in relation to the content of the said dialogue and spoke of a “humiliation” of the deputies of the 8th legislature.

According to the Government Spokesman, the political dialogue that begins tomorrow will focus on the revision of electoral laws, the main cause of the political crisis. It is therefore the main objective pursued by the Head of State who initiated this dialogue.

In this objective, Sylvain Akindès raises five (05) questions.

  • Was there a political dialogue when the laws referred to by Minister Orounla were passed?
  • Do we have to understand that no?
  • Can a law review workshop be reasonably called a “political dialogue”?
  • Is the rump parliament unable to reread these laws and what is the government seeking by interfering so blatantly in the powers of parliament?
  • Is it to confirm that the latter obeys him by the finger and the eye and is incapable of taking initiatives?

Answering the last question, Sylvain Akindès said: “We already knew that. It was useless and mean to humiliate these poor “MPs”. Yet the Head of State loses nothing by giving them a little consideration. They would not even be invited to the debates”.

In the media release of Minister Alain Orounla, Sylvain Akindès believes that “the Minister is mistaken in his understanding of a political dialogue. That’s a shame. It is very unfortunate for our country,” he said.

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