Louis Vlavonou, président de l'Assemblée nationale Photo: Bénin web tv

After three days of political dialogue, President Patrice Talon committed himself to the implementation of the recommendations. But seeing that the National Assembly bears the greatest responsibility, the Head of State threw the ball into the parliamentarians’ court as in the early hours of the political crisis.

Before the controversial elections of 28 April 2019, the President of the Republic had repeatedly demonstrated his willingness to act to review the electoral laws, the main sources of the crisis. Obviously, if it were up to Patrice Talon, the crisis would have been resolved in the first few hours. But he felt that it was up to Parliament to take responsibility. Unfortunately, this option has shown its limitations. People went around in circles and the crisis got worse.

Once again determined to put an end to the crisis, Patrice Talon is once again forced to put the National Assembly at the centre of the actions to be taken to implement the recommendations of the political dialogue. “The effective implementation of these recommendations requires in my sens the intervention of the national representation,” Patrice Talon told Parliament officials.

Will this time be the right time?

A few days before the parliamentary elections in which the opposition and other parties were not allowed to participate, President Patrice Talon called on Parliament to find a consensus on how to review the disputed laws. This action should allow all political sensitivities to take part in the elections. But when it comes down to it, nothing concrete will be done. In Parliament, opponents and supporters remained on their side.

Only the two political blocs created with the anointing of the President of the Republic were able to participate in the elections. Excluded, the opposition has since refused to recognize the 8th legislature. The crisis led to electoral violence with material and human damage. Will the Parliament composed of the MEPs from this crisis find the right therapy this time to put a definitive end to the crisis?

Faced with this concern, some political life observers are very optimistic. For them, the current context is not comparable to that experienced before the elections. They believe that parliamentarians labelled “illegitimate” will be in good faith to get the country out of the crisis.


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