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The myth that surrounded the Catholic clergy is being slowly broken by President Patrice Talon. Since 1990, the historic conference of the nation’s living forces, it was therefore imperative for African leaders to do without the Catholic Church to ward off evil. Benin, a precursor of national conferences in Africa, has just released a new political formula.

All Beninese, when the political dialogue was convened, focused their attention on the Catholic clergy to lead the work. Unsuspected voices have denounced the fact that Patrice Talon has excluded civil society, which should play the role of arbitrator in the debates. Confident in his strategies, he went on to appoint scientists, academics, to head the Presidium. Contrary to the original claims, all participants, including radical opponents, gave the facilitator a satisfaction rating.

This is a strong message that the leader has sent to all those who believe that civil society, let alone the clergy, is essential in resolving political crises. Certainly, it is only an experience that is about to bear fruit. It may not be enough to decree the maturity of politicians to speak to each other without a neutral mediator. Although this is a purely political dialogue. When it comes to addressing all issues involving the life of the Republic, a national dialogue or a national base, the Catholic Church, as the leading actor in the organization of the 1990 conference, will be at the first box to moderate the debates.

Patrice Talon is not only breaking with the political habits that are driving the country’s development. It makes revolutions that can trigger a click in the heads of many people.



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