Benin: Opposition actions during the dialogue.

In parallel with the political dialogue convened by President Patrice Talon, opposition leaders are holding days of reflection and action from 10 to 12 october 2019. This is what emerged from the conclave held at President Nicephore Soglo’s house.

It’s decided. President Patrice Talon’s radical opposition to power does not participate in the national dialogue convened by the Head of State and to which the FCEB party is invited. The decision was taken at a conclave held by opposition leaders at the home of former President Nicephore Soglo.

In parallel with the national dialogue held from 10 to 12 october, the opposition will hold days of reflection at the same time. According to a source close to the committee organising the said days, these days of reflection will enable the opposition to define new strategies for the fight to safeguard democracy. These days will be marked by participation in a Eucharistic celebration in honour of those killed by the police and a joint statement to be read in front of the national and international press by the former mayor of Cotonou and honorary president of the Benin Rebirth Party.

After the mass, political leaders of opposition will visit the victims’ homes on 1 and 2 may 2019 to show their solidarity. A well-supplied calendar in the margins of the political dialogue convened by President Patrice Talon.

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