An Experts committee has been set up to technically reformulate the recommendations resulting from the political dialogue held from 10 to 12 October at the Palais des Congrès on the initiative of the Head of State.

The committee of nine people, six of whom are officially from the two political parties unconditionally supporting the actions of the Head of State, is working hard to produce, within a fairly reasonable time frame, the texts that will have to be sent to parliament for adoption. There is no doubt about the quality of the appointed men . Competence should be at its peak when looking at the profile of the personalities appointed to prepare these texts. But two facts play against the entire team of Professor Dorothée Sossa, whose reputation extends beyond national borders.

The first element that will affect the quality of the work to be done by this expert committee is the strong presence of the supporters of the government. The Republican Bloc and the Progressive Union, the majority on the committee, can use their full weight to ensure that the aspirations of their political groups are taken into account. This cannot be ruled out when we know that in a democracy, sometimes it is necessary to resort to the decision of the greatest number of people to decide. The other thing that may make opponents react to the publication of the content of the texts to be drafted remains the incident that took place at the end of the three days of the political dialogue.

Indeed, the general report presented by the rapporteur was not faithful to the proposals made by the delegates to the dialogue. It took the courteous but incisive reaction of the Forces cauris pour un Bénin émergent and the Democratic Renewal Party for the report to be cleared. Now that it is up to the power caciques alone to work alongside the two scientists who, it should be recalled, were facilitators and rapporteurs of the dialogue, there is cause for concern. Professors Dorothée Sossa and Victor Topanou will gain a lot by remaining vigilant not to become accomplices to their bodies defending the betrayal of the spirit of the recommendations resulting from the political dialogue.


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