assise de la résistance

In parallel with the political dialogue initiated by President Patrice Talon, opposition parties held meetings from thursday 10 to saturday 12th october 2019. Under the chairmanship of former Head of State Nicéphore Dieudonné Soglo, the opposition conducted three days of work on the theme: “The restoration of democracy and the rule of law”.

21 resolutions were adopted at the end of the opposition meetings held in Cotonou. It is about:

1. Resolution unanimously adopting this General Report of the Audience of National Resistance on the need for national political dialogue and the use of consensus for national reconciliation and cohesion as a guarantee of peace.

2. Resolution determining and committing the National Resistance to work for the rehabilitation of the memories of all innocent victims, the cessation of persecutions, and the return of exiles for crimes of opinion

3. Resolution calling for the intensification of National Resistance until the effective restoration of freedoms, democracy and the rule of law.

4. Resolution categorically rejecting any amendment to the Constitution of 11 December 1990 by the Blood Parliament as it stands.

5. Resolution requiring that the High Council of Magistracy cease to be an appendix of the Government and return to the service of the House of Justice.

6. Resolution demanding that Democracy regain its place in the appointment of the heads of our university entities so that these high places of knowledge as in other countries continue to guarantee the objective of culture and scientific research.

7. Resolution requiring the State to take responsibility, in the short, medium and long term, for the consequences of the assassinations of our compatriots organised by President Talon.

8. Resolution calling for effective control of the closure of our borders with Nigeria through more operational diplomacy to enable our populations to regain their place within ECOWAS and the peoples.

9. Resolution condemning exclusion in all its forms in Benin

10. Resolution strongly condemning the use of force and the criminal use of firearms.

11. Resolution condemning the militarisation of the political space and the establishment of a police state.

12. Resolution requires the restoration of freedoms and respect for the values and principles contained in the provisions of the Constitution

13. Resolution condemning corruption and conflict of interest at the top of the state.

14. Resolution condemning the policy of destroying all political forces hostile to the deviances of the rupture.

15. Resolution condemning the injunctive consultations of 15 July at the Presidency of the Republic and those of 10, 11 and 12 October 2019 with the political parties supporting the power of the rupture. These are monologues that do not engage the Opposition and the Beninese people in any way.

16. the creation of a “Special Commission for Youth” to propose an emergency plan for young people in all fields: education, business, digital, sport, politics, etc.

17. the creation of a “Commission for Social Inclusion” to assess the extent and social consequences of the barbaric evictions that occurred in 2017 and to propose social measures for the victims;

18. immediate reform of the health sector with the aim of equipping health centres, improving the working and living conditions of health workers and promoting a health insurance system for all, including intensifying health insurance for the poorest;

19. the reform and opening up of the economic sector to healthy competition and the guarantee and protection of social rights, in accordance with the Constitution of our country.
20. the creation of a “Security Commission” to audit the reform of the merger of the National Police and the National Gendarmerie into a single Republican Police force.

21. Resolution congratulating and encouraging all parties, political forces, political personalities and civil society gathered within the National Resistance and urging them to continue the democratic struggle until the final victory.

In addition, the opposition rejects the political dialogue organised by the Head of State with certain parties. It recommends that the President of the Republic engage in another political dialogue involving all political actors.



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