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The case of the disappearance and misappropriation of funds at the General Directorate of Taxation is a real case of complicity thatECTRC  has referred back to the investigation to further investigate.

The hearings of several executives of the general Directorate of Taxes on monday 21th october 2019 before the Economic Crimes and Terrorism Repression Court (ECTRC ) suggest that this is a real case of complicity. To further investigate, the judge in charge of the case sent him back for investigation.

In the light of the information in the file, the missing director would have benefited from several accomplices if the theory of misappropriation was confirmed. The hearings of several people by the Economic and Financial Brigade (BEF) seem to support this thesis.

The first elements before the BEF: 

Since the announced disappearance of the director of the General Directorate of Taxes, Mr Carlos Adohouannon, on 20th september 2019 with several billion CFA francs, the Economic and Financial Brigade (BEF) has opened an investigation. According to CAPP FM radio, relatives of the director, including his wife and drivers, were listened to by the investigators.

According to the investigations, this is a case of complicity. A search made it possible to find 100 million CFA francs in thehouse of a relative of the disappeared manager and a transaction worth more than one billion CFA francs discovered in his account.

In addition, three of his private drivers reportedly admitted to having transported packages but were unaware of the contents, reports the same source. The Director General of Taxes and eight other persons have been summoned. The question that currently haunts minds is whether the director has benefited from internal complicity. The investigation of the case after its referral by ECTRC will further enlighten the public opinion on this case, which undoubtedly involves some twists and turns.


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