Benin: diversion or division of the Forces cauris for an emerging Benin? 

Boni Yayi’s party is in a role that is difficult to understand. Since the provisional receipt was obtained by one wing of the party, the division seems to have taken place within the political party. But the latest events cast doubt on the real division of the party.

The Forces cauris for an emerging Benin party is in danger of facing the fate of the Renaissance of Benin or the Social Democratic Party. United from the beginning, some decided to take responsibility without the knowledge of other leaders. Thus, they obtained their legal existence which, far from strengthening the political family around Boni Yayi, is controversial. We were there when some people took steps to close the gaps. At the beginning of the week, the two sides met in a notary’s office to resolve the differences. Even this Wednesday, 9 October, they met at the Cotonou chants d’Oiseaux to agree on the imperfections to be corrected in order to avoid the crash.

During the aforementioned meeting Wednesday, it was decided, according to the statement of the administrative secretary, Zacharie Chabi, that the party will not participate in the dialogue that has been taking place since this Thursday morning at the Congress Palace de Cotonou. The party’s requirements should, according to the press release, be communicated to the government in writing. The administrative secretary was informed that a draft wording was even being prepared for this purpose. Against all odds, Théophile Yarou, present at the Wednesday meeting, led a strong delegation to the political dialogue on Thursday morning. Reason mentioned, according to sources close to the Hounkpè wing, they want to transmit their requirements live. An attitude that raises questions in the ranks of their comrades.

Fceb seems to be in a diversion

When we look at the behaviour of the two wings, even if some, like Alexandre Hountondji, refuse to recognize that there are two, we must still recognize that the party is in a not too clear dynamic. Some observers of political life, rightly or wrongly, believe that it is a game to have representatives presented as betrayers in the movement and to keep others in the opposition. Some even argue that this is a political strategy to avoid losing everything in the end. However, the Tigri camp continues to maintain that Théophile Yarou and company betrayed the joint decision. Nothing can remain hidden for long, so the truth will eventually escape.

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