Benin: death of sports journalist Alex Chodaton

Journalist Alex Chodaton, previously a sports journalist who has been retired for years, said goodbye to his family on wednesday, 9 october.

Sports journalist Alex Chodaton has left. On a television set in 2007, he said, “My presence on this set in the late morning could come as a surprise just by the unusual look and feel. There is indeed a little bit of white that I refuse to blacken to facilitate and justify my move: the air of nothing has been thirty-two years: fifteen years of radio and seventeen years of TV. I have criss-crossed stadiums, monuments, handrails, studios and esplanades with as much happiness as disappointment. Nevertheless, the hand on the heart this does not always explain this. With experience, we can try to testify and make a quality contribution even if in the foreground we are not the actors”.

Not only does he turn his back on the camera, but he also turns it to his professional and biological family. The editorial staff of Benin Web Tv offers its sincere condolences to the family of the illustrious deceased.

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