Lancement officiel du service de payement électronique des recharges de crédits photo: DIRCOM/PR-BÉNIN

The Benin Electric Power Company (BEPC) is officially entering the practical phase of modernizing its electronic payment system for recharging electricity credits. The service is launched today monday 21th october 2019, in partnership with the GSM networks MTN-Benin and Moov-Benin.

No more worries for subscribers to SBEE’s pre-paid meters. They can now pay for electricity credits from their phones. According to the Director General of SBEE, this is an “innovative project that engages SBEE in a process of digital transformation”.

According to him, this electronic payment service has been initiated as a priority in order to improve the quality of BEPC’s customer service. It should be noted that the launch ceremony was chaired by the Minister of Energy, Jean-Claude Houssou.


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