The president of the Restoring Hope party, Candide Azannaï, reacts, through his facebook page, to the draft of an amnesty law to stop the prosecution of the perpetrators and sponsors of the violence perpetrated during the last legislative elections.

In a more or less acerbic message, Candide Azannaï denounced the political dialogue organised by the Head of State from 10th to 12th october last. For the philosopher, it was a consultation. A dialogue has characteristics known to all, it seems to say. Patrice Talon’s former Minister of Defence reveals that “President TALON knows perfectly well what a dialogue is and whether he avoids the path of dialogue”. He considers that the dialogue at the Palais des Congrès is a non-event and cannot take decisions on behalf of the Beninese political class.

Speaking of the amnesty law, Candide Azannaï argues that it is a cleverly orchestrated plan to amnesty the “lethal gunmen and killers’ sponsors” of the election period. It is convinced of this thesis that the man who claims to be a defender of democracy denounces any amnesty law that has only one purpose. To avoid amnesty for the perpetrators and sponsors of electoral barbarism, he proposes the outright release of young people who languish in prison for their opinion or peaceful demonstration within the specified period.


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