Benin: Alain Orounla talks about the opposition’s meetings

Received by  France Internationale radio, Me Alain Sourour Orounla, government spokesman gave the Executive’s position in the political dialogue taking place at thecongress palace and the opposition’s meetings.

Contrary to what had been announced, the Forces cauris for an Emerging Benin wing Hounkpè are present at the political dialogue. Only Valentin Aditi-Houdé’s Unitary Dynamics for Development and Democracy (Ddu) remained faithful to its starting line. At the bird’s-eye view, still in the same city of Cotonou, the forces of resistance also hold their ground to come up with resolutions.

At the end, Fir wanted to know if this would not start the ongoing debates under the leadership of Dorothée Sossa at the congress palace. The Minister of Communication and Post was peremptory in his response. “Parties legally recognized by law are already participating in this debate, so any counter-demonstration can only be an epiphenomenon that we cannot take into consideration,” he said, as if to say that the resolutions of the political dialogue will engage all beninese, including those absent.

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