Claudine Talon offre des cadeaux aux enfants orphelins des centres d’accueil de l’Atacora photo: ABP

A women’s movement was born in the capital city to support the social actions of the first Lady Claudine Talon. This is the “Aïyhouè” movement whose activities were held on Sunday, 13th october  2019 at Jacques Migan’s home.

The Claudine Talon Foundation has the support of a women’s movement in her social actions. According to Françoise Laly, this movement was born to follow the actions of the first Lady for the benefit of disadvantaged groups throughout Benin.

Jacques Migan, a Republican block member, supports this apolitical movement whose vocation is to accompany Claudine Talon. “You want to follow in her footsteps, popularize what she does, saying that you do it on an apolitical level. We said to ourselves: why not…”, he told Guérite Tv Monde.


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