Benin: after the opening of the resistance, work continues in committee

The resistance meeting launched this thursday 10th october  2019 at the Cotonou bird song will last 3 days. After the opening ceremony marked by the speech of former President Nicephore Soglo, the work will continue in committee. 

The opposition forces have set up several committees that will work on different themes during the three days of the resistance. The committee proceedings were preceded this morning by the opening of the meeting by the speech of President Nicéphore Soglo.

According to sources from the committee organizing the resistance base, this conclave of opposition forces will allow the resistance to assess the impact of the resistance since the last legislative elections, reflect on the cases of infiltrators and traitors present in the opposition, redefine new resistance strategies. These foundations of resistance will lead to conclusions that will now be the compass of the resistance that has been weakened for some time by internal divisions, suspicions that lead to disparate actions.  Thus, the results of the committee’s work will allow the opposition to heal its wounds and internal contradictions.

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