Benin: Abdoulaye Bio Tchané talks about the relation between corruption and public procurement

The State Minister for Planning and Development, Abdoulaye Bio Tchané, at the certification ceremony for public procurement officers, highlighted a phenomenon eroding public administration: corruption in public procurement.

The Minister of State for the Plan, on 3 October last, during the ceremony to award accreditation certification to 250 public procurement specialists, put his finger on the plague that is devastating Benin. According to information reported by Banouto, the Minister of Planning said that “corruption is first and foremost public procurement” before continuing by saying “others will say more than public procurement and politics, you have corruption“. For the Minister, the fight against corruption necessarily involves cleaning up public procurement. This is the reason why the training was organized.

The president of the public procurement regulation authority, Eric Maouignan, agreeing with the same view, noted that there is no shortage of expertise. For him, Beninese executives are competent, but the rampant corruption in the administration has its roots elsewhere. The real problem, according to the president of the public procurement regulation authority, remains and remains “an ethical issue”. That is why Bio Tchané insisted in his remarks that “this certificate must not be a permit to scheme”.



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