An unusual discovery this Tuesday, October 15 in the third district of Parakou. A dead body was found in his claim in a state of decay.

A retired police commissioner, Zimé Dafia has lived alone in his dealership for many years. These children are in several locations for various reasons. Early this Tuesday morning, his inanimate body was discovered in a state of advanced decomposition. The local authorities have appointed a doctor to verify the use. Initial evidence suggests that the 70-year-old died as a result of respiratory failure. His position before his death reassured doctor Ismaël Traoré that it was not a crime but a natural death.

The deteriorating body made the doctor conclude that the retired police commissioner had reportedly been dead for about seven days. The chief of the third district invited the populations never to live alone in a concession, especially when you start by getting old. The usual formalities are underway and the prosecutor’s decision will allow the children of the disappeared to know whether they should bury him or drop him off at the morgue pending the outcome of the investigations, if there will be any.


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