20è session des négociations intergouvernementales bénino-allemandes Photo: Bénin24TV

The Germany Federal Republic has allocated a financial envelope of 79.3 million euros, or 52 billion CFA francs, to support Benin’s development in four priority areas.

At the end of the 20th session of the Benin-German intergovernmental negotiations, which took place in Cotonou from 10 to 11th october 2019, Germany undertook to continue its commitment by supporting Benin not only in the three priority areas of its intervention but also in a fourth which will be adopted in 2021. Indeed, according to the joint press release that sanctioned this session, Benin and Germany “reaffirmed their commitment to pursue and intensify their cooperation in the best interests of both countries and peoples”.

To materialize this commitment, the German government has made available to Benin a financial envelope of CFAF 52 billion in the form of a grant. This resource allocated to Benin is intended for the three priority areas in which Germany is active in Benin. Need I remind you that Germany is active in Benin in development areas such as: good governance, agriculture, water and sanitation. The statement also said that cooperation in agriculture will be consolidated until 2023.

This 20th session of the Benin-German intergovernmental negotiations made it possible to extend Germany’s priority areas of intervention in Benin to 4 areas. Indeed, from 2021 onwards, Germany could intervene in the field of vocational, technical and youth employment training. A way to support the government’s efforts in vocational and technical training and youth employment. In this context, “the German side has indicated that an evaluation mission will be in Benin, as of january 2020” as a prelude to its intervention on this new priority axis.


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