The political actors present at the closing ceremony of the political dialogue, saturday 12th october 2019 photo: Presidency of Benin

On tuesday 15th october, four days after the closing clap on the political dialogue to ease socio-political tensions in the country, the people of Chaourou, Boni Yayi’s hometown, are still on the brink of war.

A Republican Block MP who was in the town of Chaourou on tuesday to take part in a ceremony had to get out of the way to avoid the fury of the people. Since the parliamentary elections of April 2019, some populations have not yet digested the exclusion of their political party. This is the case of Tchaourou, the birthplace of the former President of the Republic. Had it not been for the vigilance of the MP’s bodyguard who alerted his brothers in arms for prompt assistance, the worst could happen.

The situation is under control and the MP is doing as well as he could, according to the sources contacted. It is in the interest of policy makers to dispel pockets of resistance by taking appropriate action as soon as possible. This is to definitively avert the bad fate that has been facing the country since the last legislative elections. Local elected officials also have a key role to play in ensuring that civic behaviour characterises the population despite frustrations. Benin being one and indivisible.


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