Bertin Koovi détenu en Guinée-Equatoriale depuis le 17 avril 2019

Beninese political actors do not like their country. This is the bitter observation made by the former presidential candidate of 2016, the President of the Yroko Alliance. In an audio in response to the journalist Aboubakar who wrote about him, Bertin Koovi promises to stay at the camp for citizenship training when he is elected President of the Republic.

The president of the Iroko Alliance, Bertin Koovi Sègbohouè, has not abandoned his dream of leading Benin and implementing the fundamentalist economy for which he is in demand all over the world. In an audio address to the editor of the newspaper “Béninois Libéré”, the man who has just left a house under surveillance for several months in Equatorial Guinea for Bolivia Promises three months of training in homeland love at the military camp in Aboubakar Takou and to Beninese “profito-situationist” politicians who plot against Benin.

In this group of political actors, the President of the Iroko Alliance does not spare President Bruno Amoussou, President of the “Progressive Union” party and the President of the Democratic Renewal Party, Adrien Houngbédji, to whom he promises the same fate for the role he plays alongside the current Head of State.

Currently in exile in Bolivia, where he is taking refuge thanks to the support of the United Nations after spending months under house arrest in his second homeland, Equatorial Guinea, Bertin Koovi invites the Beninese people to create the “Benin’s coalition forces” party in Benin because, in his opinion, President Patrice Talon is now “finished”. Convinced that Benin can only develop through the fundamentalist economy, Bertin Koovi still believes in a chance to be President of the Republic. Once elected, his first mission is to educate political actors who only believe in taking advantage of the country’s resources to train for citizenship at the military camp.


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