Algeria student demonstrations

In Algeria, many students took to the streets to demonstrate against the holding of the presidential elections as announced by the authorities. A large number of them were on the streets on tuesday, chanting hostile slogans to the regime in power.

It is one of the largest student mobilizations since the demonstrations began last February. On tuesday 15th october  algerians went out in large numbers, especially in the capital Algiers. The main objective was to prevent the holding of the presidential election scheduled for December 12. “I swear there will be no vote! (…) We refuse this system! (…) We reject these elections,” they chanted. For these demonstrators, this election will only strengthen the system of deposed President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

On tuesday 8th october police arrested him after a violently repressed march. This is the first time since the beginning of the “Hirak” movement that drove the veteran leader out of power. They thus intend to maintain the pressure to cede power, which has already missed an election appointment for lack of a candidate last july. The new strong man from Algiers, General Ahmed Gaid Salah, is now in the focus of the movement. Three candidates have already been registered for this election, the outcome of which remains very uncertain.


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